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Finance vs. Lease

There's a lot to consider when shopping for a new car. One of the first decisions you will likely need to make is to consider whether to finance or lease your new Subaru. Here are the benefits of both options:

Finance Benefits
  • Pay to own your new car, not just to use it for a few years. After your final payment is made, you can drive your Subaru for years to come. It's all yours.
  • Drive an unlimited number of miles- especially important if you typically drive more than 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year.
  • Modify or repaint the car, or install custom equipment, as you see fit.
  • Enjoy the full benefit of your car's trade-in or resale value

Lease Benefits
  • Potentially pay less per month. Monthly lease payments are usually lower than monthly loan payments for the same term, because your monthly payment includes the vehicle's use and expected depreciation only during the lease term.
  • Enjoy driving a new car more frequently.
  • Have options at the end of your lease-including leasing another new Subaru or buying the one you've grown to love. If you decide to buy the car at lease-end, you will get a no-hassle preset purchase price.
  • Minimize repair costs. Many people lease for the length of time the manufacturer's warranty is in effect. That way, most repairs are typically covered.

It can be tough to find a decent car loan, so Cascade Subaru is dedicated to finding you the best possible rates on a car loan in the Cuyahoga Falls, Stow, Hudson & Akron, OH area. Our Business Managers work with some of the nation's top lenders to offer you affordable monthly payments and the lowest interest rates available.
We are a preferred source for the best auto loan rates and lease deals on a new Subaru or used car in the Cuyahoga Falls area. 

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One financing option you have for your new Subaru is going through Subaru Motors Finance.
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. ("Chase") provides auto financing and leasing to Subaru customers through the Subaru Motors Finance (SMF) program. Whether you choose to finance a new or pre-owned Subaru, or lease a new one, we offer you several distinct advantages with the SMF program available at Cascade Subaru. Advantages include:

  • Competitive finance or lease options.
  • One-stop shopping through your local Subaru retailer.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Paperless statements that are convenient, secure and eco-friendly.
  • Experienced, professional customer service representatives.
  • Access to account information when you want, where you want.

Visit Cascade Subaru to Finance Your Next Vehicle in Cuyahoga Falls

As the leading Subaru dealership here in Cuyahoga Falls, we have an impressive inventory of cars and SUVs for you to consider. Our finance team will speak with you about the various options that we can offer you on the purchase of a new Subaru or used vehicle. We believe that the process of financing your new or used Subaru should not feel stressful, and it certainly should not take up a lot of your valuable time. We remain committed to providing you with a satisfactory result on your finance application so that you can take home your favorite vehicle.


Our Team Can Offer You Finance and Lease Options

Deciding whether to finance or lease a vehicle represents one of the key decisions that you must make when shopping for that Subaru you love. Both options offer some key benefits for Hudson drivers to consider.

Lease Benefits

  • A great way to enjoy driving the latest Subaru models at a lower monthly payment
  • The option of leasing another new Subaru when the lease term on your current one ends
  • Lower repair costs due to driving a newer Subaru model

Finance Benefits

  • You will own the vehicle outright once the payment schedule ends
  • Once you own the vehicle, you can modify and repaint it
  • You get the benefit of the vehicle's full resale or trade-in value

These great benefits demonstrate why both finance solutions remain popular with Stow drivers. Here at Cascade Subaru, you can rely on our dedicated finance team to work with you in determining which of these options makes the best fit for your needs.


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