Whatever the season, getting us from Point A to B is our trusted vehicle. With that said, each season might demand something different. So, to ensure our vehicles are at peak performance, it's important we maintain regular servicing schedules.

At Cascade Subaru's Express Service department near Cuyahoga Falls, OH, we understand the needs of all vehicles at each mark on the calendar.

What to Do With Your Vehicle Every 3,000 Miles

It's almost written in stone that all vehicles undergo an oil change every few thousand miles. And while this service is performed, other notable factors are at-play while you wait inside Cascade Subaru's spacious Express Service waiting area.

As your vehicle's oil is drained while on the lift, it's an opportune time to check other vehicle functions and systems. After springtime rain and temperature fluctuations, the roadways have seen all sorts of debris and wear. And the very first vehicle component to bear the brunt are your vehicle's tires. So, it's important to have a Cascade Subaru Express Service technician inspect your tires for wear and tread depth.

The Importance of Tire Health and Steering Vitality

Tires should be rotated from well-to-well at each oil change. This helps to mitigate uneven wear, and sets a technician's eyes to other factors that may have carried over with the seasons. That being wheel alignment.

As soon as winter clears out, the roads are noticeably pockmarked. Seams in the pavement have become wider and crevices have opened to expose the gravel beneath. All such impediments will pound away at your wheel rims.

The first, obvious sign to alignment issues is that "natural" pull to left or right while driving, especially at high speeds. This will need to be remedied immediately with state-of-the-art tuning equipment at Cascade Subaru's Express Service department near Akron.

When the Hood is Up, All Systems Checked

With the hood up, engine components such as hoses and belts should be examined. A loose belt may slip off, thereby immobilizing your car wherever you might be. Punctures in hoses will inhibit engine performance. So, having these inspected while oil is replenished is more than just timely. It's needed toward safe vehicle operation for a summer season meant for road trips.

Those other facets of proper vehicle maintenance comprise the checking and topping of fluid levels in terms of steering and braking systems. The reservoir for wiper fluid should also be filled to an appropriate level, enough to clear the caking of neighborhood grass clippings and pollen.

Seasonal Brake System Servicing at Cascade Subaru

The undercarriage of your vehicle has met with snow and rain. And with all that moisture, comes corrosion and rust on those vehicle parts essential for safe summer journeying. You'll notice something amiss when there's grinding as you brake, or the need to apply added pressure to the brake pedal. Also, constant squeaks coming from wheel wells may accompany the drive.

They all may signal a brake system component in need of attention. Pads, calipers and rotors comprise vehicle brake systems, and each one needs to work efficiently for the others to follow. If one is deemed faulty, those other parts will suffer the stress of having to work alone or handicapped. Then, your safety is compromised.

Vehicle Servicing Done Right at Cascade Subaru's Express Service Department

With your summer travel plans in order, don’t forget the most important of all. Your vehicle was meant to travel distances, having been properly prepared for each season as it arrives.

So, for peace-of-mind when heading up to Lake Eire, make sure your vehicle is ready.

Simply drop by our local Cuyahoga Falls Express Service location today.

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